T6-10 Agriculture Crop Spraying Drone

Best Agriculture Spray Drone for Starter / Individual Farmers / R&D / Educational

TRITHI’s T6-10 is Max 11 litre carry capacity agriculture drone which is your entry into the crop spraying duties.

This is also perfect for R&D, Educational Institutes / Individual farmers to start the precision agriculture practises in their farm.

Robust & hardcore work horse which is now under QCI-DGCA RPAS Model Certification.

Agriculture Spray Drone Specifications

In a Nutshell

Farmland Acreage
5.5 Minutes / Acre

Compatible Batteries
2 of 16,000 mAh 22.2 V Lipo with XT-90S Connector /

2 of 22,000 mAh 22.2 V Lipo with XT-90S Connector.

Assembled @
BLR, India.

Semi Autonomous, Auto Spray & Auto Return, Semi Auto Land.

{Non Sensor Setup}

Spray Drone price india

Technical Details

Model / Type
Crop Spray Drone 11 Litre

2 Member {A pilot & co-pilot} can cover 10 acres per hour with 5 set of batteries.

1 Year Mfg for Setup.
1 Week for Batteries.

Equipment Best Suitable for :
All Major field crops {Rice – Wheat – Grains – Horticulture} height upto 30 feet crop.

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Entry into the World Of AG Spray Drone

T6-10 Is an entry for the agriculture drone world. Its mature in its flying, and manages the crop spray very well.

  • Precise control
  • Strong shock resistance
  • Multiple redundant backup
  • Noise reduction and power saving
  • Attitude control
  • Dual CPU configuration
  • Backup power
basic crop spray drone India

Pilot needs to plan the field & flying according to the requirement of terrain / region, as it comes with basic avionics.

However, one can opt for obstacle & terrain radar sensors if their field demands.

Motor X6、6215
Paddle 23-24 inch folding paddle
Supply voltage 12S
Max take-off weight 33kg
Wheelbase 1404mm
Expand Size 1495*1308*500mm
Folded size 945*848*500mm
Tank capacity 11L
Frame body weight 8.5kg

An ISO Certified as per QCI-DGCA RPAS Model Acceptance :

EMI-EMC, WPC ETA & Heat & Humidity as well as tensile strength tested by NABL accredited lab in India & TEST PASSED.

Technical Parameters :

Hover accuracy Horizontal direction ±1.5m
Vertical direction ±0.5m
Maximum tilt angle 30 degrees
Maximum vertical speed 6m/s
Wind resistance Continuous wind: level 4
Gust: Level 5
Flight modes and functions Attitude mode, GPS mode, AB operation, route operation, one-key return home Loss of control protection, continuous operation out of control, low voltage protection, fence function, log storage function, landing lock function, no-fly zone function, vibration protection function, star loss protection function, active noise reduction function, motor sequence detection function, direction detection function , Dual water pump mode, drug-off protection function, precise spraying, water pump switch control, water pump linkage control

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