T4-10 Agri Crop Spray Drone

Fully Advanced Crop Spray Setup

TRITHI’s T4-10 is an advanced Agriculture Crop Spray Drone Setup, which comes with Front & Back Obstacle Avoidance Sensor, Terrain Height Radar, PFV Camera, LED at front & downward for low light flying, Smart Battery & charger.

One of the most advanced Agriculture Crop Spray Drone In India now under QCI-DGCA RPAS Model Certification.

In a Nutshell

Acreage Cover
15 Acres / Hour

Compatible Battery

Smart Lipo – 44.4 V 12S with AS150 Connector.

Assembly @
Bengaluru, KA, India.

Features :

Fully Autonomous, LED for front & downwards for low light fly, Terrain Sensing Radar, Front & Back Obstacle Avoidance Radar. FPV with live video feed.

Agriculture Spray Drone Specifications
Most Advanced Crop Spray Drone India

Technical Details

Model type
Advanced Crop Spray Drone with Sensors & Radar


2 member {A pilot & co-pilot} can cover 15 acres per hour with help of 5 set of batteries.

1 year for mfg for setup.

1 month for smart batteries.

Equipment Best Suitable for:
All major field crops {Rice-Maize-Wheat-Pulses}

Horticulture & sugarcane, fruits & vegetables.

Spray Drone Specifications India
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Innovative Drone Startup India

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