Keeping An Eye on Electric Power Lines

Monitoring Powerlines in Rainforest

PLN (Perusahaan Listrik Negara) Is largest & govt’s electricity destruction company in Indonesia. It was a challenging situation for them to monitor a 300 KM long electricity lines across “Kalimantan tropical rain forest” since accessibility to each of the power line tower is extremely difficult and monitoring once in a year takes around 2 months for a 50 members troop party.

Field Details

Area Size
300 Km Length

Challenge Given
Reporting Power-lines in rainforest

Kalimantan, Indonesia

Turn Around
Traditional methods took 2.5 months for 50 member, 3THI did in 20 days with 8 crew.

Project Details

Work type
Electric Power-line Inspection & Reporting

Ground Crew
8 Member – Akash, Niranjan, Sameer, Jacob, Vasant, Siddharth, Amit & Biwi-Lia Kum.

3 weeks

Equipment Arsenal
3 – Visual Sensor setup + Thermal Setup with 2 Multi rotor drone with 1 RTK. Post processing with computer softwares.

Drones vs Traditional

What was a demo flight on a near by pole provided by us was not convincing to them since they were not sure of our capability on machines & men. We finalised a 2 days workshop which covers lower Kalimantan area with around 25 towers & 12 hours of inspection flying. Post handing over the inspection images & footage of possible cable wear & tear, the senior management team realised that it is need of the hour.

We took a challenging task of covering 300 km electric cables & towers in the area of most scenic, beautiful as well as dangerous forest of Indonesia and we had to up our ranges from 1km radius to 2.5 km due to non-feasible geographical difficulties. It took us a memorable 20 days to collect the data of around 2000+ electric poles & thousands of connectors, cable joints, grid fuses to scan & capture the vital data to be provided to the PLN’s team.

Convincing Results

Post our project, we had a senior member telling the gathering how easy we have made their challenging task into easy doable. Now, PLN uses fleet of monitoring drones now to keep their infrastructure up-to-date and hassle free monitoring.

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