Forest Wildlife  Monitoring by Drones

Wildlife & Forest Conservation

On a flight journey, happen to meet Mr. Pillai, a native of Kerala lives in Liwonde, Malawi. That lead us to discussion of poaching, trespassing and hunting of animals as well as animals crossing over to human settlements and make damages / create scare.

Field Details

Area Size
1 sq. km / 250+ acres

Challenge Given
Human-Animal Conflict Area Identifying

Liwonde, Malawi

Turn Around
Traditional methods requires constant monitoring, where drones can do the job On-Demand

Project Details

Work type
Wildlife Movement & Human Activity Monitoring

Ground Crew
3 Member – Sameer, Jacob, Vasant

DEMO for 3 days

Equipment Arsenal
Visual Sensor setup + Thermal Setup with 1 Multi rotor drone.

Eye in the sky in wildlife

We set up a demo to ascertain what can be done using the technology we have. It was a demo flight over 1 square km of Liwonde’s park where we could able to monitor an elephant is heading towards nearby village. Sr. Officer Von Elgg decided to try it over next 7 days to see what all can be covered & monitored.

Effective Wildlife Monitoring

Surveying boundaries of national park, making map of boundary & villages across, Monitoring some of the most important movements of wilds vs humans made all of the officials convinced the technology & tool is fentastically helping them & making them manage huge park keeping an eye in the sky.

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