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On-Demand Drones for Sugarcane

Mr. Babusaheb Tawde met us on one of our demo for grapes in Nashik. He owns around 15 acre of sugarcane farm. He was checking out what we can do for his sugarcane crop. We decided to visit his farmland while returning back to Bangalore.

Farmland Info

Farmland Acreage
15 acres

Challenge Given
Crop Monitoring & Spray “On-Time”

Kolhapur, MH, India.

Turn Around
Farmer never know the exact status of his farmland, unless we showed the status.

Ground Details

Work type
Crop Health Monitoring & Drone Spray

Ground Crew
3 member team – Vasant, Akash & Ashwatha

3 days

Equipment Arsenal
1 multispectral multi-rotor setup with data processing softwares. 1 hexacopter of 10 litre capacity crop spray drone.

Crop Care Drones at farm-gate

At Mr. Tawde’s farm, in naked eye, everything looked fine & green. We decided to do a sortie of a fixed wing with NDVI & RGB sensor mounted to capture the data of his crop. Soon the crop health came on our monitor to show him whats happening back of his eye, and what is going to happen further more.

Mr. Tawde was sure of his treatment to crops 15 days back and we had lengthy discussion to make him understand what the images processed showing in RED, GREEN / YELLOW mean for his crop. His crop had got the initial stage fungus called wilt.

Agriculture Drones are here to help

Since Mr. Tawde was not really sure of what if we spray some wrong fungicides / pesticides of our own? since we were not advocating any specific brands to be used to control the fungus, we decided to call local agriculture university and presented the crop analysis to the Prof. Chitnis on an email.
Upon recommendation from Prof. Chitnis, we did spraying liquid fungicide suggested by him for the crops. Still Mr. Tawde decided to spray it only for 5 acres where rest 10 acres were not sprayed. We left for BLR.
Exactly after 3 weeks, he called us that HE CAN SEE THE DIFFERENCE!. We asked him to WhatsApp the pics, crops we serviced were the one doing fine, where as balance 10 acre crops were not doing well.
Mr. Tawde not only could able to see this change quickly, but also able to tell other farmers of his village that “we can x-ray the farms and tell crop diseases!”
This was a small example of yet-to-achieve larger picture.

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