Drones For Coffee

Drones Used for Controlling Crop Diseases

Coffee berry disease (CBD) is caused by the fungus & Coffee rust is also fungus that attacks coffee plants. If it affects even 15% of plantations? nearly 4,000 people would not get job to work in plantation. Thats what happened in Central American coffee plantation in costa rica.

Farmland Details

Farmland Acreage
3000 acres

Challenge Given
Mitigate Coffee Berry Disease

Poas, Central Costa Rica.

Turn Around
Outbreak of crop disease, TRITHI’s team served 280 acres/day.

Project Details

Work type
Crop Health Monitoring & Drone Spray

Ground Crew
14 member team – Amit, Siddharth, Rajiv, Hemu, Ram, Sameer, Vasant, Akash, Ashwatha, Govind, Jon K, Jacob U, Andre & Wills.

3 Month – Multi

Equipment Arsenal
3 multispectral multi-rotor setup with post processing – computer softwares. 3 hexacopter of 10 litre capacity & 3 octocopter of 20 litre capacity spray drones.

Agri Drones to Save Crops

Our associate from Miami, Donald Myers calls me up to see if we can come down to service the coffee plantation. We did little know what was going on.

Plants stood without any leaves on them. Looking a 3000+ acre estate in that stage means chills your bone. We get the most needed expert hand from Dr. Renee Bougardes, a pathology expert professor to assist us in order to bring plantation back to life.

Agriculture Drones are Future

What appeared a 60 days process went on to 3 month / 90 days process of multiple sensor carrying drones. Collected datas were given more details than one imagined. Our 6 drones flown almost 6 hours a day for 75 days to collect the data as well as spraying epsom salt, fungicides & herbicides to the plants across the estate. Starting wide area network where outer boundary of the plantation is secured first, so your internal section can be serviced more precisely, since you have blocked the outer contacts to get inside your farmland.
It was an hardcore restoration of fungal effected plantation to bring it to the life, where 4,000 workers can continue to work & earn their livelihood. Drones are going to do multiple things, however, not going to eat up human jobs, rather makes them much effective & efficient

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