Drone For Orange Cultivation

Helping to Grow Better Oranges

Cunhenry farms owns around 2500 acre of orange farms and they had a tough time due to the fungal attack to the crop, which was needed to be sprayed. It was a festival season where all of their migratory workers took a 10 days off and went back to native towns.

Farmland Info

farmland Acreage
2500 Acres

Required Crop Care
Effective crop disease monitoring & spot spray.

Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Turn Around
Scarcity of skilled labour, 3THI covered 130 acres / day.

Project Details

Work type
Crop Care Services by Drone

Ground Crew
12 member team – Amit, Siddharth, Rajiv, Hemu, Ram, Sameer, Vasant, Akash, Jon K, Jacob U, Andre & Wills.

60 days- multi spray

Equipment Arsenal
2 multispectral multi-rotor setup with post processing – computer softwares. 2 hexacopter of 8 litre capacity & 2 octocopter of 20 litre capacity spray drones.

Find Diseases & Act Immediately

Citrus canker is a highly contagious bacterial infection of citrus trees causing yellow halo-like lesions or scabs on the fruit, leaves and twigs of citrus trees. Severe infections can cause leaf loss, blemished fruit, fruit drop and die back. The canker bacterium spreads easily and quickly on air currents, insects, birds and on humans by means of clothing and infected implements.

There are a variety of sprays designed to protect against infection including using Liquid Copper Fungicide as a preventative treatment, especially when citrus canker has been detected in the area. Unfortunately, already infected trees are generally destroyed quickly to slow down the spread of the bacteria.

Better Fruits On Table

2500 acre farm with 4 drones of 2 sizes. 8 litres & 20 litres took 45 days of one time spray. Before we return, farm owner decided to spray some epsom salt water so the crop gets better. Hence we extended the stay for another 15 days to spar around 750 acres.
Results are amazing, we just finished our last box of finest oranges shipped to us all the way from 8000 km as token of appreciation.

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