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Apples (Malus) are among the most difficult fruits to grow organically because of the large number of pests attracted to them. Pest control tactics can be labor intensive and the results, as well as the pests attacking your tree, may vary from year to year. Don’t let this discourage you, though, because the organic approach is good for your health and the ecosystem.


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Typical organic solutions to pests on apple trees include integrated pest management — releasing beneficial insects — and spraying organically approved insecticides.

While major apple tree pests directly affect the quality of the fruit, minor pests damage the foliage and leaf stems. These pests include, but are not limited to, aphids, leafrollers, mites and scale insects.



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Paraffinic oil, also known as horticultural oil and dormant spray oil, smothers and kills over-wintering eggs of many apple tree pests. It’s an effective treatment organic gardeners can use for scale insects, red bugs, European red mites, bud moths, leaf rollers, apple aphids and codling moth larvae, according to information from the University of California Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources. For a home orchard, spray the tree with paraffinic oil but needed to spray effectively and to the large farm of around 500 acres with limited labours.


TRITHI’s team put in to spray using two smaller 8 litre drone & one 20 litre drone which covered all of the trees in 1.5 week. Which helped the farm to produce best natural apples, without using pesticides.


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