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John P Lawrence heads one of the large mines in Australia. He has been sceptical over 2 weeks of the data collection by his team to provide it to ministry as per their quarterly process. It was way back in 2015 we happen to provide him a glimpse of what we can do. It was his last wild try to see what we can do to collect accurate volumetric date given 2 days time for us to scan & scale.

1 drone, 2 pilots heads to his field office middle of a mining region of Australia spending 24 hours total travel time. His instruction was clear, 2 days to go, i need to see who’s report is accurate and near perfect. {His staff was also preparing a data sheet to be presented}.


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Monday 9 AM – It took us almost 8 hours to fly-by and gather GBs of data. However, putting them into the machine and process & make it into an human understandable & presentable task was intimidating given the little time & no room for errors. We slept in shifts and our backend team in our BLR office was just giving us an extra mile of support.




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Wednesday 8 AM – We meets him at his conference room with graphs, scales, 3d modules and each pile of mined minerals volume it contains with required info to be presented to the ministry in next 2 days. He was only waiting his staff to provide their report too (to compare) since they have been doing since 5 years. Even though it takes one heck of a time & effort. 11 AM – joint meeting with his ground staff, where our data exceeds their expectation in terms of accuracy, time taken to complete is 51 hours, (ground staff took 18 days with much more machinery, accounting & calculation, going over books & records and running around 2864 acre of land).

This instant difference of ease of doing things, we not only made John use our technology, but also made his team more efficient than ever before.



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