Drone Fleet

Our Drone Fleet

Born For Agriculture

For your farmland

3THI operates multiple fixed-wing & multi-rotor drones for capturing data & crop spray.


Aviation grade carbon fibre  birds are workhorses, who can fly for 50+ minutes and cover over 550 acres of land with pixel perfect – satellite grade imaging capacity. Carrying multiple sensors to capture vital details.

Spraying drones have 6, 10, 15 & 20 litre carrying capacity. With GPS enabled precise spray, makes managing crops most precise than any other farming methods.


We aim to bring more innovative products to support wide range of farming activity for future decades.


By Drones & Data

Fixed Wing

Carbon Fibre Fixed Wing

Scan Crop Health


Multi rotor

Heavy Lift Drones

Precise Liquid Spray

Covers 30+ acres of flatland crops in an hour.



Crop Data Analysis

Crop Health Analysis

Multi-spectral & Hyper-spectral

Multiple Band crop data analysis which provides crop stress levels.



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