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3Thi Robotics wants to revolutionise how agriculture is done in India. We want to provide best modern technology services to address the crop need to make our GDP grow substantially. Our systems would provide vital data of the soil, crop, weather & fungal / deceases of the crop. Our devices & technology well tested, accurate & dependable which is in use by many developed countries.

Presently Serving 900 Acres a Day.

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Technology For Everyone: Our services to all crop & land size. We are eager to work with all type of crops & all size of the land parcel a farmer may have. We can cover 250 acre of agriculture field in an hour to capture data of your farmlands.

At Affordable Cost: Farmers need not buy our machines or invest heavy for our services. We are going to make this possible with fraction of cost for the only services we provide.


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We provide timely & crop based services (as & when farmer require) for the fraction of cost. Its affordable and effective.

3thi can collect & secure your farmland data of crops. In case of crop loss due to hazards / floods – our data can be used to calculate volumetric data to claim Crop Insurance.



Precision agriculture saves precious resources (water) & lets you input correct quantity, our technology enhances your farmland & crop. We practise & promote organic farming. Our team consists of technological, geological & agricultural experts to provide best solutions to each crop type & geographical suggestions & inputs.


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Reserve by Phone – Crop care.

We take reservations for DEMO and Crop Service. To make a reservation, please call us at (+91) 9483 883 111 between 10.30am-5.30pm, Monday to Friday.

We would need details of crop, acreage & type of service required & location, so our team member can find the best suitable date to serve your crops & accept booking.

CORPORATE/ Armed Forces & Govt. Orgs.

Our drones are used by some of the elite forces for various purposes. We would be delighted to provide the demonstration & use cases.

All you need to do is TALK TO US 24/7*. We have ready team for any emergency deployment to help govt agencies all time.