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TRITHI born to serve agriculture in India.



Vasant Bhat – Serial entrepreneur with 14 years of IT & ITES path. Jutika Hazarika – 10+ years of software development – big data analytics hands-on. Sumanta Bhat – 8+ years in electronics – medical equipments & sensor expert.


Team who thrust 3THI

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drones and data for crops
Agriculture Drone Startup India

Vision - Mission


To be trusted, valued & dedicated firm for precision agriculture in India. On a mission to make Indian agri field ready for 5 billion meals a day. Aim to be affordable, loveable, dependable 
& Accessible to All. 

The History

When - Where - How

HiSTORY – 2013 Bengaluru

Our team started to work on spray drone early in 2013, After successful modification & trials, Successful demonstration on multiple crops in 2016. Registered as Pvt. Ltd company in Bengaluru 2017 to cater to Indian farms.


Transforming Indian agriculture from traditional agriculture to ultra modern precision agriculture for greater tomorrow. 3Thi provides precision agriculture drone services to farmers to safeguard their crop, gain better yields and analyse their field soil on timely basis to help them transform their farming to the future ready agriculture.

We also help farmers to store their crop data to gain crop insurance in case of hazard & floods.




Every week one evening, we’re offering group of 5 to book a visit to our office or ground field to see all the action to witness.
Call our office team on (+91) 9483 883 111 for more information.